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With the travel insurances of our partners you will have no ifs and buts and you will be insured against all possible.

General information about travel insurances

* Participation of full protection coverage: No participation for all insured events with the exception of ambulant treatments, accidents or pregnancies. Participation in those cases: 20% of the reimbursable loss (at least € 25 per person / property)

* Teacher drop-out Insurance

Travel Cancellation Insurance

Travel rate

Premium p.p.

Premium incl. Tdo *

  1. Travel Cancellation Insurance
    20% of the reimbursable loss
    (at least € 25 per person / property)
  2. Travel Assistance
up to 200 € 4,00 € 5,00 €
up to 300 € 6,00 € 7,50 €
up to 400 € 8,00 € 10,50 €
up to 500 € 9,00 € 13,50 €
Travel Assistance included in every product!
Please note the following important information:
Type of trip: valid for all types of travel - except cruises. Area of application: Europe (including Mediterranean countries and the Canary Islands). Travel duration:: the insurance shall be valid for one trip (from the date of travel until the return), max. 45 days. Completion notice: The conclusion of either the travel cancellation insurance or insurance package including cancellation protection should be made when booking the trip, but no later than 30 days prior to departure. For any bookings made within 29 days before departure, the insurance is immediate to conclude no later than within 3 working days. With respect to insurance protection are the insurance terms of the Mondial Assistance International AG. For the complete product and consumer information and policy conditions, you may visit our website or call +49(0)892624-24. Benefits and premiums are subject to change.
IMPORTANT NOTE: this information is provided for reference only and is an extract of the policy of the Mondial Assistance. Legal purposes will only apply to the full text (in German) of the policy signed by the contractor.
Overview of Benefits of the ELVIA® Travel Insurances

Travel Cancellation Insurance

reimburses the contractually agreed cancellation costs for the insured travel arrangements if travel is not commenced, alternatively the additional costs incurred for changing the travel booking to a more expensive travel season for an insured reason up to the amount of the cancellation costs; In addition insurance cover is provided if a pupil cannot take part in a trip as a result of changing schools after booking/registering for travel because the booked travel/school trip takes place at a time after the pupil is no longer a member of the class. Insurance cover is provided until the first booked and insurance travel service is used.

Teacher drop-out Insurance

Within the scope of the insurance for teacher drop-out the risk of cancellation by whole school classes is covered if the supervisory teacher cannot take part in the school/class trip due to one of the events named above (provided that less than 2 teachers are involved). All participants of the group must be insured.

Travel Curtailment Insurance

reimburses the additional return travel costs incurred according to the nature and quality of the insured travel and the part of the travel price for unused travel services at the location in the event of an unscheduled curtailment or interruption of travel

Abroad Health Insurance

Reimburses expenditures for all necessary medical assistance abroad in the event of acute illness and accidental injuries which occur during travel abroad:
Medical treatment and hospital care; edication; search, rescue and recovery costs in case of accidents.

Emergency-Call Insurance

Provides assistance worldwide in an emergency in a foreign country: The Assistance is there for you 24 hours a day under a central phone number.

Baggage Insurance

Reimburses the current value of the luggage carried with you if it is damaged or lost as a result of theft or robbery, force majeure or accidents in which the insured person suffers a severe injury or the means of transport is damaged.

Travel Accident Insurance

Sum insured per person: € 10,000 in case of death, up to € 20,000 in case of invalidity

Travel Liability Insurance

Insurance protection against legal claims by third parties for bodily injuries or property damages up to the agreed insured sum of 500,000, - €

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